Program services

Central Finland Regional Dance Center produces and provides dance services for companies and communities. Our selection  consists of entertaining dance performances, diverse workplace health promotion and different kinds of dance workshops. Contact us and we can customize a complete package based on the needs of your organization. Below you can see our current selection of program services.

1. Work capability

Work capability improving services such as dance workshops for the mind and the body.

2. Training

We train e.g. the personnel of different healthcare establishments. After the training, the personnel can increase the wellbeing of the elderly people for example by using stimulating music and movement.

3. Product presentation

Professional dancers can help your product to stand out from the crowd. Dancers can make product presentations at a fair, product launchings or in TV commercials. This is definitely a great way to get noticed!

4. Ordered dance performance

A dance performance can be made from a scratch based on the customers’ needs and wishes for a sertain event. It can be performed by the professionals or it can also be learned and performed by the personnel.

5. Dance performance

Any existing dance performance can be customized to be performed in various environments and events. Dance performances are suitable for example for store openings, customer events, summer parties and pre-Christmas parties.

6. Charity

We provide professional dancers to delight people from kindergarden to retirement home. Organizations can donate dance performances as a gift to any facility or organization they want. Why not use Christmas card money to charity this year instead.


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